Calling all #wildhearts

Dear dreamer like me.... Our time is now. This is a superbowl of sorts for us. We are the diggers, the ones with grit, the ones who will make the most impact. Yesterday was a completely different world. It will never be the same as it was. There is a...

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It's ok that you don't know how to feel right now!

Right now none of us do.  It's ok that you feel a little scared. It's ok that you feel a little overwhlemed. It's ok that you are sad or worried or unsure. We are all going through moments of all of this too. Because we've never done this before. But...

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Do you feel like maybe we've been doing it wrong?

This whole life and raising kids thing I mean. We are so privileged in our society, yet we're looking under every rock and around every corner for the key to health and happiness while we are literally running ourselves into the ground. We can’t do i...

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