Hey, my name is Mara. 

Let me ask you, what would a 'Happy Healthy Beautiful You' look like?

Honestly what would you do, and how would you look and feel every single day if you could choose?

You might be rolling your eyes or laughing at this a little and I get that. I've definitely been there. I was so 'busy' and so focused on my career that I ignored myself completely (the odd massage or pedicure doesn't count for true self care by the way). 

I ran on adrenaline, stress, coffee and red wine every single day for years, until one day it hit me.

I wanted more out of my life! I knew I had to figure out how to work a different way so I could live a different way.

If you're successful at one thing, you can be successful at another and I knew I could create success in a way that I loved instead of what I built by default which was solely focused on money.

Are you hearing yourself in this at all? 

You can be anyone, do anything and have everything you want if you first define what 'everything' is for you. 

When you focus on a dot on a map, you can get to it. If you only focus on the horizon, it will always be WAY out there in the distance. You'll always be chasing it. This often sounds like...."I'll be happy when, or I'll focus on my health when, or I'll have more time to do the things I love when...."

There are no white knights riding in to hand you the things you want. You have to figure out what they are and then go after them yourself!

So how do YOU create a life you'll absolutely love to live? 

Add health, build wealth, grow yourself.

Whether you're looking to make simple changes to your health with what goes in and on your body, looking for a lifestyle change by building an online business like me, or you're looking to take on your goals in a big way, I am here to help you make it happen. 

Here's to a Happy Healthy Beautiful You!