Ready for your first 6 figure year? 
You already have a huge vision... let's make it a reality!

The Ambitious Academy is going to help you build your business, while still having time for your life!

Using our 6 Figure Event Strategy, we'll take the guesswork out of your online marketing & sales. 

 We'll focus on: Visibility + Audience Growth + Sales

If you want a simple way to find & sign your dream clients consistently... 


I built this program FOR YOU.
Because you're smart.

Because you're a go-getter.

Because you don't have time to play guessing games with your business, you want show up and serve....

Success is inevitable for you, you've always known it. 

Now it's your time to create the next level of success for yourself, and your clients.

I called it the 'Ambitious Academy' because I know you're super driven  to succeed in business AND you still want to have time for your life!
You get to have both! 
The Ambitious Academy isn't for those who need their hand held. 

It's for those who have a clear vision and want to make a huge impact.

It's for those who are ready and willing to do the work!

It's for those who will take the coaching and run with it.

It's for those who want a plan, will focus on the process, and do the damn thang ;)
You ready?

You're smart. You're driven. You know you're meant to have it all.
It's time to make it happen, it's time to build your dream business!

There are 2 options to join to Academy:

1) Monthly - 6 payments x $497

2) Pay in Full - $2497

What's included?

Private 1:1 Kickstarter Call with Mara
We will dive head first into your biz so I get to know you and exactly where you are now, and where you wanna go. This will allow me to support you effectively right out of the gates as well as throughout the program. I wanna know what lights you up, who you want to work with, your big picture vision, and then we'll Map Out your next steps so you can hit the ground running with clarity, confidence and commitment to your plan and goals. #boom let's go!

Access to training videos, tools, swipe files, & resources uploaded in our membership area
The foundational pieces of this program will live here such as: 

How to Map Out Your 6 Figure Event Schedule.
How to Plan/Fill/Host Collaborative events. 
How to Stack Nurture Events to find ready right now buyers. 
How to Dial in your Messaging so your dream clients feel like you're in their heads.
How to Create Consistent Content & Repurpose the gold from your events.
How to Build Relationships and Invite the right fit people to work with you.
How to Follow Up using a heart-centered approach.
How to Onboard Your Clients.

Tuesday Momentum Calls
No fluff, no bs coaching. This is the wild wild west type of call where anything goes ;) It is a key as you prep for and host your events! Get help with your messaging, your hooks, your content, your mindset, your overall strategy, what's working and what needs to be tweaked... There will be support, strategy, and brainstorming here for you. Every Tuesday @ 10am MDT (12pm EST)

Private Coaching
You'll get monthly private coaching check-ins with me to make sure you're on track to hit your goals. This is a great space to get any extra clarity or mentorship you feel you need.

Private Facebook Community
This is a place where I will be encouraging you to connect with me in between calls. I check it daily. You can submit questions in our virtual 'question box' and submit any of your work for feedback here, as well as connect with other go-getters like you!

The #1 goal in this program is to make sure you get to a place where you know exactly how to sign clients consistently in your business!
We'll make sure you're never stuck and that you can always get your questions answered so you can create consistency and predictability in your business. You get to be in the driver's seat now!

Leaders attract leaders by sharing their truth, and here's mine:
I was exactly where you are now. 
I needed a solid strategy, because I'm busy AF.
I needed a sounding board.
I didn't want to feel alone in my business anymore.
I needed someone to ground me when I was feeling overwhelmed and spinning in all my thoughts.
High achievers like us need that.
I needed a powerful mentor to guide me, to remind me of who the F I am.
And sometimes I just needed a friend to listen and let me vent so I could get back on the horse faster, because momlife happens!
And I know that's what you need because you're a leader too! 
That's why you're here and I can't wait to support you!

How much would you enjoy your business if your efforts were producing actual results in your bank account? 

How different would you feel if you knew exactly what you needed to do to move forward? How much more present would you be with your family while you're building your biz?

What would it feel like to have a strategy and a plan that lit you up AND you had the exact mentorship and support you needed, when you needed it to execute that plan fully?

The Ambitious Academy gives you exactly what you need:
You're ready to build major momentum! Let's dive in.
Strategy is my superpower! 
I'll step into your shoes with you to choose implement this event strategy in a way that not only feels right to you, we'll break it down into doable steps so it makes taking action a no-brainer.
Intentionally building your targeted audience and creating a repeatable sales process so you can sign clients consistently is exactly what we'll lay out so you can spend less time worrying about your marketing and more time focusing on the real priorities in your life ;)
What lights you up, lights the way to YOUR success! 
When you learn to trust yourself, you can move mountains. As you level up, inevitably there will be ups and downs, challenges, blocks and failures yet to come. But there will also be huge wins, goals achieved and happy tears too. 
Your thoughts as the leader of your biz are what will ultimately change your life. Step into YOUR POWER. You're going to learn how to navigate the next level of 'problems' you face with ease. You're going to become unstoppable!
You don't have to feel alone in your online business for one more second.
Leaders attract leaders because we understand each other's ambition, drive, and supply of big brilliant ideas that never end.
I mentioned it above but it needs repeating here. As a leader, you need a sounding board.
You need someone to ground you when you're overwhelmed or feeling like you're spinning out of control with your thoughts.
You need a powerful mentor to guide you.
And sometimes you just need a friend to listen, because momlife happens to all of us!
It's in the frustration and breakdowns that we experience the biggest breakthroughs, that's where you truly need support. I've got your back!
Before I tell you more about The Academy, let me tell you a little about me in case we haven't met yet
My name is Mara Riopel. I'm married to my handsome firefighter husband Reece. We have 3 boys and finally had a baby GIRL in Oct 2022!!! Life is a little nuts around here but I wouldn't have it any other way!

I was in corporate sales for over 10 years and was earning 6 figures before I was 30. I was super successful on paper, but was totally burnt out and honestly unfulfilled.

Once I had kids I knew I needed to figure out a different way to work, so I could have more flexibility AND replace my income doing something I love instead of working in the corporate grind/old boys club forever.

In the past few years I've invested over $100k into learning from the leading minds in online business space, and through the school of life (aka trial and error and a whole lotta failing forward) I'm happy to say I've figured a few things out lol.

I'm proud to say I'm building a business that lights me up, and I freakin' love helping other women explode their businesses and make real money doing what they love too. 

I'm SO excited you're here!
This is for you if:
  • You are ambitious
  • You have a huge vision
  • You're a massive action taker
  • You're coachable
  • You're a work hard, play hard, love your family hard kind of girl!
  • You're ridiculously determined to create success your way but need help with 'the how' 

This is not for you if:

  • You want a magic overnight solution
  • You expect money to roll in without doing anything for it
  • You expect someone else to build your business for you
  • You blame others for lack of results/success

The Ambitious Academy Mission: 

We work a different way, so we can live a different way!

A collective of driven women dedicated to changing their lives by building success online... 
Women who want to build a business AND a life that lights them up!

If you're ready to surround yourself with other women who are unapologetic for wanting it all, the Academy is for you!

What's included in the Academy trainings:

Find Your FIRE!
YOU are what sets you apart from everyone else online. I'll help you get super clear on what you want, who you want to work with and the problem you want to solve first. What lights you up, lights the way!

Growing a Targeted Audience Quickly (This one is KEY to your success!!)
If no one knows about you, no one can buy from you. Using a simple collaborative event strategy, you'll pull hundreds of your ideal clients into your world so they can get to know you, like you, trust you, and can buy from you.

Find The Words ~ Nail Your Message 
I'll show you the most effective way to have your clients saying "how did she know?? It's like she's in my head!" aka talking to real people and doing the critical task of market research effectively ;)

Design Your Schedule Around Your Life
Get your events on your calendar in a way that works for you and yours. We'll map them out intentionally so that you're always marketing strategically towards a goal, but never resenting your biz or feeling guilty for not working when you want to be with your family. 

Creating Offers That Sell
You are going to make some real money this year and that starts with who you serve and what you sell. We'll package, price and position your offer powerfully so it's a no-brainer for what you want to deliver, and what your ideal client wants to buy.

Your Sales Process
You want to create repeatable, sustainable, & predictable income. Knowing exactly how you bring people in, how you nurture them, and then how you convert them into clients is key to predictable & sustainable income. No more guesswork. Let's set your process up for success, your bank account will thank you.

Sell It Out!
Showing up unapologetically as yourself, knowing you can help your ideal client get exactly where they want to go, and being able to help them see that clearly is the stuff that matters. You are the obvious next step in her journey, I'll help you show her that. Sales is one of my favorite parts in biz. I'll teach you how to sell without being perfect and without feeling salesy!

There are 2 options to join to Academy:

1) Monthly $497 x 6

2) Pay in Full $2497 

Whichever option is right for you, you’re getting the best of me all the way, and I plan to bring out the best in you too!
So..... if you're ready to dive in then let's get to work, click here for the payment link.

If you're not ready, you've made it this far, what's holding you back?

I know investing in your business can be scary, especially if you've been burned in the past.

I'm not going to sit here and blow smoke up your arse with fancy words. If you aren't totally sure if I'm the coach for you, jump into my DMs or on a call with me and see for yourself. If I don't help you in a massive way, you'll have your answer! I'm a breakthrough coach. I'm that confident in my ability to help you, and I'm fun lol.

Just remember, you never achieve what you're meant to achieve if you don't take chances UNTIL you see it through! This is one area where your lifelong stubbornness actually pays off ;)
I can't build your business for you, but I will definitely set you up for success and then some!!

You've never had a coach like me, I promise.

If you still have questions, I'm happy to answer them. And just FYI if you don't know me well already, I'm not pushy or salesy. Ask all your questions, please, I'm truly here to help. 

Let me know where you're struggling. 

Book a call with me to ask questions here or feel free to DM me on facebook or insta for a quicker response.

Here's what I want for you and how you'll know if this is the right move:
I want you to be taking deep stutter breaths, maybe even crying a few happy tears 6 months from now....because this chance you took on yourself was worth it.... and you feel like your huge vision is coming true.
I want you to have a coach who is just as committed to your success as you are, and will show up and mentor you every step of the way.
I want you to breathe, level up, trust yourself, and receive the exact support YOU need, when YOU need it.
I want you to Find Your Fire and build an incredible business that lights you up.
I want you to make 6 figures AND have time for your life.
I want it all for you, just like you do!
I know you can feel me through these words, because they're meant for YOU.
It's your time! Let's build out your sales system together!
The only question left now is... are you with me?

Here's what other ambitious women are saying about working with me:

If you're ready to have it all come together now then I'll see you inside!
Can't wait to see your business takeoff! 

"Leap and the net will appear" John Burroughs