systems create consistency, even when you're not

you've heard it a million times... consistency is the key to success! 
are you rolling your eyes because I always do when I read that...
it's time to stop feeling bad about your lack of consistency right freakin' now.
consistency is a B.
it really is.
and it isn't easy, especially for ambitious moms.
we are quite literally the most interrupted people on the planet, so we need to play this one a little differently than your 20 year old influencers who make a mil by sharing their lunch rec's at posh cafes... #justsayin'
I know you're a go-getter, and you're driven beyond belief so you don't accept excuses for lack of results...
but you not being consistent... it's kinda the reason you aren't where you wanna be, so let's just fix it, k?
everything is figureoutable!! #marieforleo
ok let's dive in.
you feel frustrated because, despite your best intentions, you can't seem to stay consistent, especially on social media...
which makes you feel like a failure, like you just don't want it bad enough... at least that's what's implied online.
but you do, you absolutely DO want it bad enough!
as moms, we have a tons of sh*t on our plates every single day, so we need a solution for our businesses to take some stuff off that plate, not add more to the pile.
we need to set up for consistency so we don't have to be!
I'll say that again...
we need to set up for consistency, so that WE don't have to be consistent to be successful!
#boom right? ok but how...
enter systems.
not the fancy tech funnels that take 45 years to build out and you have no idea what you're doing...
I'm talking super simple, smart processes that allow your business to stay consistent with showing up, generating leads and moving potential clients through a sales flow (aka giving you the chance to make money).
those 3 systems are way easier to implement than you think.
and they're definitely much easier than you feeling like a failure over and over again because you haven't made any sales again this month, and you haven't felt inspired to post on social for 8 days ahhhhhhh
and they'll get you way more results than you overthinking what's not working in your business for another year!
if you know this is a missing link in your biz, let's just fix it so you can finally explode and do what you do best in your biz... help people solve their problems!
grab a spot in my business breakthrough challenge, it's FREE, and I'll walk you through step by step so you can create systems for consistency in your business too.
your success is closer than you think.

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