Work a Different Way, Live a Different Way!

You grew up hearing you needed to go to school and get a good job right?   That was the so called ‘success’ formula in our society and its what we saw our parents’ generation do. So you did it, and worked your butt off climbing the corporate ladder, ...

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I Was Scared to Be the Real Me Online!

My husband Reece called me out big time the other day! Of course I was totally defensive at first, but by the end of the convo I realized he was so right.  There I admit it, he was right.....once, ha. He said “Mare, if you could show up online as eve...

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Be Unapologetic About What You Want

Sounds nice doesn’t it?   Here’s what I’ve learned over my years so far. I can’t please everyone.  I don’t know if it’s my age, or that my ‘give a sh*t meter’ has gone way down, but I am no longer living the way other people think I should. Opinions ...

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