Calling all #wildhearts

Dear dreamer like me....

Our time is now. This is a superbowl of sorts for us. We are the diggers, the ones with grit, the ones who will make the most impact.

Yesterday was a completely different world. It will never be the same as it was. There is a huge shift happening. It has been coming for a while, and now it is here.

We are the ones who show up for others, we are the ones who get to be the answer. We are the #wildhearts.

I am writing to you because you are who I want to work with. You are who I want to build with. This isn’t about me, it’s about us and who we can serve, truly. 

We understand business. We know that she who solves the most problems for others, succeeds. This is that. 

We know that there has never been a time like this before where health, wealth, and even self have been more important for everyone we know and everyone we have yet to meet. 

We get to be the light, we get to shine for others, we get to step up and lead now.

At dawn we ride!


I’m serious, are you with me?


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