FREE LIVE CHALLENGE: Hosted by Mara Riopel - Lead Gen & Sales Expert

Let's find the missing link so you can sign clients consistently in your coaching business!

May 2nd - 4th @ 12pm EST

Ready to have it all come together? Grab a gear and let's get to work!


#1 - Know how to find your ideal clients!

Attract the right people into your audience, so you can start speaking directly to the ones who are ready to commit, and can't wait to work with you.

#2 - Make your email list the top priority!

This is how you control your destiny online... No more posting and praying on social, or waiting for people to find you. It's time to take control of your audience with the asset you own.

#3 - Map out a simple, repeatable process!

Know exactly where to focus your time and energy to attract, nurture & convert your ideal clients so you can create success AND still have time for your life!

Business Coach for Online Entrepreneurs


Hey there, I'm Mara.

I'm the founder of The Ambitious Mom Movement where the mission is to help female entrepreneurs create 6 figures success online AND still have time for life! 

I'm also a proud wife, a busy mom of 4, online business coach, speaker, and host of The Ambitious Mom Summit Series!

I'm a 'work hard, play hard, love my family hard' kind of girl who left my successful 6 figure corporate sales career to build a future for myself and my family doing it all a different way.

If you're more than ready to pull all the pieces together and watch your 6 figure vision come true, then join me for the business breakthrough challenge where you'll walk away with the exact strategy you need to build a targeted audience quickly, so you can attract, nurture, and convert your ideal clients and still have time for your life!

Can't wait to dive into your business and help you take off!

See you inside ;)