Goals vs Numbers.... how to take the pressure off in your online business!

Goals are great, but are yours more of a wish lately? 

Hate to break it to ya but wishes don't usually come true in business...

You need a plan.

I know you've heard this before but I want to remind you again, when you're leveling up as the leader of your business, you need to understand where you're headed.

Numbers are a huge part of this. 

Goals are awesome and it's important to set them of course, but goals that are just ideas until they're put into action.

Like wanting to make $100,000 this year...realistically, though, what does that look like for you? How are you going to get to it? And how much do you need to make by which date to take the pressure off financially?

We all need to make money. 

That's why we're in business. 

I don't think you're here for fun... I mean you're probably here to find a business that lights you up but you're also here to make money right... otherwise head on down to hobby barn and enjoy ;)

I'm all about you setting big goals and making big money... but that's not the same thing as understanding how you're going to get there. 

And when you don't take into account how much your business is going to cost you every single month or how much you need to make by a certain time to replace an old income... you're just adding big time pressure on your shoulders.

Everybody has a different story of where they're at, how much they're making and what they need.

You need to get real on your numbers, so that your brain will back you up.

So that you can get to work and focus on the right things, take the right actions, and then see the results show up financially. Because if you have a plan, and your brain will help you execute.

Your brain can understand and compute numbers very easily. 

This is where we start. 

For example, let's say the goal is 100k. I want you to get real with yourself. Write this down. How much money do you actually need to make for your family to run or your household to run the way you need it to run? On a monthly basis? How much money do you need (not how much you want to make eventually)?

For example, in the challenge I broke it down and for me and my business I need about 13,000 a month. This is why it's so important to get realistic about your numbers. Because if I'm at $13,000 a month, times 12, it's a lot more than 100,000 right?

That's just what I need for household basics, my childcare, my biz expenses, my biz and self level up investments, and my team.... and I haven't even taken my husband on a trip yet!! Baby doesn't even have new shoes yet lol. 

Life is expensive, no point complaining about it. It's time to stop wasting energy on past failures, it's time to just figure out a way to make more money. 

Does this make sense? Please take the time to break down your numbers. What do you need by when?

Seriously go through this exercise or message me and I'll help you. You have to get clear on how much you need to take the pressure off first.... then you can scale into how much you want to make.

Take a time out (for real), write out your 'need' numbers so there are no surprises which equal extra stress and pressure...


Now let's dive into the next piece.

So what does $100,000 actually look like? To hit $100,000 A year you need 10 clients at 10,000 per year, right? or maybe you need 20 clients at 5k. This is a super simple breakdown of what $100,000 looks like.

So the easiest, fastest way to 100k per year is 10 clients @ 10k right? If you're charging for less than a year, you can obviously adjust this for six months or three months or whatever your programs are gonna look like. 

Be realistic with your numbers when you're making this plan for yourself. 

What would feel real to your brain so that we can start to convince your subconscious brain the one that controls the majority of what you believe and do that you can actually hit it this year?

You do not want one more year of failing financially. That's done. It's over, no more of that! 

Now you can see why it's important to start knowing your real numbers not just goals right? 

100k may have just been a pie in the sky goal. It was just an idea. It sounded good...

That doesn't mean we can't make it a reality for you. It means we have to get realistic about what that looks like with your numbers first. That's it. 

I love the numbers. I also love finding YOUR fire. Because there's no point in building a business that you don't want. 

You're the hardest sale in your business, always remember that. 

You have to sell yourself, you have to build your belief. You have to step up and say this is MY TIME!

If you're ready to get real about your goals and numbers and nail down your ACTION PLAN, register now for my Business Breakthrough Challenge!

Let's get you set to explode your business!



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