Let's get back to basics on this whole 'health' thing, shall we?

How many of us are low on energy, feeling overwhelmed and crappy right now?
UGH, so frustrating right?!!!!
Other than the fact that it’s 2020 (which we can't blame forever #dammit), please let me ask you if you’ve gotten down to basics FIRST to make sure you’re not just missing something simple in your body.
Sounds way too easy....but the truth is, we live in a society that is obsessed with finding complex solutions to any and all problems and that's not always the answer. 
Let’s get back to basics. The ABC’s…..literally. Vitamin A, B, C etc.
It actually might be that easy. 
Trust me, I fought this for years so don’t overlook this thinking nah that’s not my problem...it likely is!
Here’s how you can tell:
Get yourself a high quality, whole food supplement (this means the vitamins and minerals are bio-available...aka absorbable and useable by your body, not the synthetic kind you just poop out lol) and take them as recommended for 30 days.
PS pro tip: you can’t tell after the first hour, these are nutrients your body needs to function so especially if you’ve been low on some of them for awhile it’s gonna take more than a minute to catch up. #justsayin
I promise you’ll be surprised what the basics can do for you. You’ll wake up one morning and realize that you're starting to feel good for a change! #imaginethat
I went live talking all about B vitamins and how crucial they are, especially for women when it comes to our energy and emotional health.
If you missed it or don’t follow me on facebook, check out the video in my blog post here:  Energy & Emotional Health: B Vitamins are KEY!! 

If you have any questions about vitamins or how I can help you with your health, please shoot me a message.

Here's to a happy, healthy you!

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