I Was Scared to Be the Real Me Online!

My husband Reece called me out big time the other day!

Of course I was totally defensive at first, but by the end of the convo I realized he was so right. 

There I admit it, he was right.....once, ha.

He said “Mare, if you could show up online as even half of who you actually are in person, your entire world would change.

The person you are on the couch talking to me, sharing what you know and your vision is incredible, but that’s not who shows up online when you go live or do your posts.....it feels like you don’t really say anything.....”

Ouch!!!  Talk about tough love....

While this would have derailed me a couple years ago, I know now that when something like that stings, it’s usually the truth, especially when it’s coming from someone who I know loves me.

Life lessons seem to have a way of showing up right when you need them though right? And I guarantee right now is the perfect time for me to learn to start truly showing up as myself online.

Why now?

Because I made a HUGE business move recently and lined myself up with a business partner who makes 7 figures a year and doesn’t slow down for anybody's excuses. 

This is my chance to step into who I know I can be and friggin launch!!!

Do you ever get that feeling, like you’re on the edge of a cliff, with butterflies in your tummy and all you need to do is jump?? 

I used to get so scared of it, but now I love that feeling. It means I’m about to grow big time.

I’ve learned to embrace that fear.

So, after getting lit up by my guy just a little, I decided I’m not available to be that old version of me who is trying to please everyone. 

I did some serious work around who I actually am AND got super clear on who I am actually talking to.

So this is me officially staking my flag in the sand!! Lookout world, here I come! #boom

Here's my real vision: I am building a kickass online business. The kind that will change everything for me and anyone who works with me. I'm not someone who wants to stay home with kids and needs to make an extra $500 a month. I'm on a way different mission.  

I want to work with other moms who are serious about building a completely different life for themselves and their families. Those who understand that building a business takes a ton of work and commitment and doesn't happen overnight.

I am absolutely drawn to work with other women who also have a 6 figure mentality and even dare to see themselves at 7 figures in the future. Girls like us are going all out to build our dream lives through online business and are NOT prepared to play small.

Mel Robbins had a quote this week that said something like ‘if you’re not totally inspired by your inner circle, you’re probably stuck in a cage’. 

That rings SO true don't you think?!! Who are you surrounding yourself with?

Those of us who want more, to go bigger, to step into what’s possible for us need to surround ourselves with others who are like minded because it gives us the permission we need to actually go out and do it. 

Trying to do it alone on a deserted island is a super lonely way to go, trust me I've been there... I don’t know about you but I get fired up by other people’s energy. We pour gasoline onto each others fires!!

Here’s the thing. I want to work with women who are like me. I think that's what lots of us want.

We want our own identity, we want to be empowered, we want to show up in the world as who we truly are (not some watered down version because others can’t handle the real version of us), we want to set ourselves and our families up for the future in a big way.

We know that by making a sh@t ton of money, it allows us to have choices and freedom in our own lives but also allows us to make a huge impact by giving back with those resources to others outside of ourselves.

Girls like me love to work hard, play hard. We also love to love life. I mean... we love to have a good time. 

We have already found success in ‘a man’s world’ but have decided to build our futures without that extra layer of crap in our days (anyone who has been there knows what I'm talking about). 

We want to partner with other super strong driven women like ourselves to create something more than just an income. We crave those connections and that community.... it's who we are.

We are super passionate about business and what's possible in the world (especially knowing that online reach is at our fingertips).

I knew I wanted to be a mom and being present for my kiddos was and is still super important to me, but I also knew I needed to build success my own was and was destined for more than my corporate career could offer me. 

I knew I needed to step up and go through some short term pain, in order to live to it’s fullest, the way I truly want to. 

I believe we can absolutely have the best of both worlds, but I also believe we have to create that for ourselves!

It doesn't just show up one day.

There.... that's the real me showing up!

Ok so now, let me ask you.... are you in a similar boat?

Did reading this fire you up at all?

I wanna hear from you.

Tell me who you really are and what kind of life you want to create... don't hold back ;)



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