Think You've Got Inflammation Happening??

Welcome to mid January!! Just want to check in with you.

How's it going?

I know so many of you have reached out and said you're tired of being tired after last year.
I know we usually set exciting new years resolutions that we never follow through on right about now, right? 

I didn't even bother this year, did you? 

Screw it, let's set intentions instead (that way there's wiggle room which is exactly what we'll need if we're going to do anything that sticks long term #realtalk #stillwantwine

So I'm genuinely curious about whether you're thinking about YOUR health or not right now because I want you to know you're not alone if you're up and down about it. 

For me it always comes in waves... like different seasons. 

I take it super seriously sometimes and feel great, medium sometimes because life, and then meh pretty much not at all during pandemics apparently lol. 

Sound familiar?

Ya, exactly, and now how do we feel? Blah.....

For some reason Jan 1st was literally a fresh start for me. I can tell my stress has dropped significantly for no other reason than the psychological reset that a New Year brings #thankgawdfor2021 did you feel a shift too?

So now we gotta keep it going by getting back on track with some health basics. 
You ready for that too?

Brain fog, memory loss, angry, or exhausted all the time means you've got some things going on in your body that we need to soothe.

You're not 'just tired,' you're beat up on the inside. 

#boom Let's reset.

Check out my latest video to see how inflammation affects you. What does a BBQ brush have to do with your intestines?

If you think you're struggling with inflammation check out our January Reset where we'll help you get on the road to healing your body from the inside.

We're gonna start by drinking some water (remember that? It's not wine or coffee all day any longer..... I know I know it's foreign to us at this point lol). We all know that water is 10000% important for a bazillion functions in our bodies so let's get sippin' on some again shall we?

Next we're gonna take our vitamins. Not the flintstones kind haha....the real ones that our bodies can actually absorb and put to good use for another bazillion functions that need to happen on a daily basis to keep us happy and healthy mentally, emotionally and physically.

Then we're gonna clean up our eating. I don't mean a strict diet or crazy bootcamp, I mean adding more whole foods, you know the real stuff that is made in nature (that means less processed crap, less inflammatory foods and less refined/added sugar). 

*Warning: you might have to cook something yourself this month hahaha

This isn't rocket science, it's get yourself back on freakin' track science so you can start to rebuild YOU this year. Remember the girl with tons of energy and a lioness' roarrrrr in her?

Ya you! We want that you back.

If you're ready to roll with a clean eating kickstarter check out more info here:

Hope to see ya there :)



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