Where do you want to be when this is a distant memory?

I know right now things seem all over the place. 
So much uncertainty creates uneasiness and eventually disease if we’re not careful, so we really do need to take care of ourselves physically, emotionally and financially.

But what have you learned in the last month? About the world, about people, about yourself?

It's weird right? 

A new normal is coming.

None of us know what that all looks like yet, but we have the gift of a collective perspective shift.

More people today realize how much quality time they weren’t spending with loved ones and just how much we were all taking for granted with our health, our relationships and our endless opportunities to do and be whatever we want.

We live in an incredible time, where technology allows us to be connected even during ‘isolation’. So many fear that technology is the end of connection but I believe that’s a choice. Use it to your advantage. That’s what it’s there for.

Being able to work efficiently from home with no commute is something most women didn’t think was possible. 

Most moms also didn’t think they could raise their kids while doing it.

Yet here we all are figuring it out! 

Kinda neat that we’re all doing it at the same time. How powerful is that?

One of my favourite quotes is that ‘everything is figureoutable’ by Marie Forleo. 
Because it’s true. 
But now more than ever we are actually believing it. That’s the shift.

Believing in ourselves again, instead of towing the invisible line in society that says stepping outside the box is irresponsible. 

Now it’s just necessary right?

Stepping into action in a new normal is scary because we feel like we’re walking into it blind. But that’s growth, that’s evolution, that’s how progress has always happened.

So let me ask you friend, what’s your plan? What are you taking from this time and deciding to do moving forward?

For me, I am going to ramp up working online. I’ve loved learning about it for the past 3 years but have never really gone for it in a big way, you know what I mean? 

I held myself back because I was scared. Because it was outside the normal. I was only half way outside the damn box lol.

That was a choice, I realize that. 

Were you scared of doing something different too? Were you holding yourself back because you were scared?

Has your perspective changed now?

I never knew how invaluable it would be for myself and my own family that I'm in the health and wellness business, especially when something like this hit the world. 

Even when it's all over, taking care of ourselves will still be a priority. I want to share that same advantage with other women who prioritize their family, their time, and their health moving forward.   

So here we all are, stumbling into that next phase. 
Where do you want to be when all of this is a distant memory?

Think about how you want to work and live. Is it different now?

Create that vision, imagine living it, and then step into action.

I’m cheering for you.


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