How to Get Out of Corporate and Create a Life You Love!

Imagine if you got into a business and life you actually loved?!!

No really, without the standard eye roll, dare to dream for a second. Imagine what your life could look like if you went after something different in the next year. What could it look like a year from now?

No more dreading the work week, no more fitting everything into these teeny time slots after work and on weekends. Actually taking time to do the things you want to do.

So many successful driven women I know want to do things differently but can’t see how to get out of the corporate grind. 

If you’re anything like me, you've already become financially successful but you know you want more out of your life. 

So what do you do if you really want something different?

First, find someone to model who is already out of corporate so you can shortcut the time it takes for you to do the same.

This is a key because her story gives you permission to do the same. I have a mentor who is a force to be reckoned with and I show up as a bigger version of myself everyday now because of her.

Second, find others who are doing something you could see yourself doing/learning/enjoying.

I never imagined coming from the commercial insurance sales world that I’d be in the health and wellness industry, but it totally fit with my business drive too so for me it has become the best of both worlds. 

Third, ask them how they did it, make a plan and get your butt in gear missy.

Having a roadmap to get you started is crucial if you want to move into this new phase of your life with speed. Make a plan before you jump.

This life doesn’t slow down for any of us so unless we start making decisions and doing things differently, we will keep getting more of the same.

I was really excited but equally scared when I left corporate but knew that if I didn’t step out on that limb and didn’t take a chance on myself I would a) never give myself the chance at a different life and b) always regret the ‘what if?’

Does that sound familiar?

I wanted to be in business for myself, but not by myself so I chose my direction accordingly.

You can create anything you want in this life, but first you need to decide want you want AND that you’re going to go for it.

Write down a list of all the things you’d want in your dream life, and make sure you don’t hold back, make that list really crazy!!!!

Then get to it and start working towards that life. You only get one shot at this thing ;)

I’m all ears if you wanna chat.... having someone in your corner makes all the difference, trust me on that!



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