Dream Big and STOP being realistic about it!

How many times do we hear 'dream big' or 'reach for the stars' or 'you can do anything in this world if you set your mind to it'.........

Tons right?

But then we're constantly bombarded with opposite messages about 'being realistic' or 'make sure you're being responsible, you have xyz to think about'....

And it scares us, so we shrink down and play small....

Listen, dreams are meant to be HUGE!

They are YOUR desires, YOUR hopes, YOUR possibilities.....

Notice how I keep saying YOUR?

Because it's not supposed to be your mom's or your aunts or your best friend's or her neighbour's.....

YOUR dreams are YOURS.... 

If you can dream it, you can do it......

Stop getting caught up in 'the how'....

It won't get you there! You don't have to have a plan....

Once you DECIDE to go for something, you just keep putting one friggin' foot in front of the other until you figure it out!

It's why we watch people who aren't 'as smart' or 'as talented' as other people march their way to success because they decide and start and don't stop.

It happens ALL THE TIME.

Think about it.....who do you know who is successful and maybe seem like they shouldn't be if we're judging them on grades in school, or degrees, or whatever other metric we deem important for success in our society...

Examples are all around us!

You know what they figured out?

First they decided, and then they became relentlessly consistent in running towards their goal. Like a crazy person! (99% of the time they had no idea how, but they just started doing).

There's a saying "first they'll think you're crazy, and later they'll ask you how you did it".

Which one do you wanna be this year? 
I'm serious.

In 2021, put all the bullshit aside and tell me who you want to be this year.

YOU are the only one who decides your fate, NOBODY else can do it for you.

You're either going to roll over and say the pandemic was hard, or you're going to step up and say the pandemic was hard and I became stronger because of it.

If you decide this is going to be your year to step into who you actually want to be, I'm cheering for you!

And if you need my help, just ask.

This is going to be an epic year for those of us who decide to make it that way.....

Are you in???

Here's to the lion in you!!!!



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~Go Create a Life You Love~

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