Stop Giving Yourself Crap!

Did you know that you are functioning on autopilot 95% of the time??

Most of what you do (or don’t do) happens by default every single day. 
You shower while thinking of all the ways you can change the world, you arrive at work and don’t even remember the drive, you tell yourself you can or can’t do something when you haven’t actually explored the possibility yet….

We run off old programming constantly!

Which is awesome because we can do so many things at once, but not so awesome when your old blueprint is keeping you stuck.

How many times have you thought to yourself, “it’s not that I don’t know what to do….it’s just that I’m watching myself NOT doing it.”

I bet you’ve been blaming it on lack of willpower too haven’t you? I know I get it.

You’ll say something like “I guess i just don’t want it bad enough…”

Don’t do that! It’s not about willpower, I promise.

Whether its finding excuses not to go to yoga, or crushing half your kids’ halloween candy stashes when you’re trying to ‘eat better,’ or even starting your own business but not doing the small things you know you need to do…. the rebel inside is running in the opposite direction of what you ‘should’ be doing, and what’s more fun honestly...sitting in school, or ripping on the back of a motorcycle…. Lol. The rebel wins every time.

So what gives?

Simple, when you don’t know WHY you want something, the short term excitement or easy way wins every. single. time. period.

So here’s what you do. 

You figure out WHAT you want yes, and then figure out WHY you want it.

This is going to be a feeling you want in the future and if you dig down a couple of layers into why you want it, you’ll find a strong feeling around it.

Example: I want to lose 15 pounds. Ok great, why? Because I’m going on vacation in a couple months and I want to fit into my bikini. Ok awesome, why is fitting into your bikini important to you? Well I’ll just feel better about myself. Sweet what does feeling better about yourself feel like for you. Well I’ll feel like I have way more energy to play with my kids and I’ll feel more attractive to my husband. Ok awesome and why is that important to you. Because our whole family will have more fun if I’m at my best, and we’ll make memories that will last a lifetime on this trip. Ok perfect and why are making memories that last a lifetime on this trip so important to you? Well my kids won’t be young for much longer and I love them so much it hurts sometimes and I want the precious time I have with them before they grow up and move away to be everything it can be, no regrets….. (you get the idea here).

Box of oreos in the pantry. You’re thinking ‘I wanna lose 15 pounds’….. Meh I’ll eat better tomorrow. Eats 8 oreos.
Box of oreos in the pantry. ‘I want to feel unreal and have the energy to make this the trip of a lifetime with my kids’..... Grabs a handful of almonds and carries on with her day.

See the difference?

That’s what you have to connect to. 

You have to keep connecting it over and over so that the want of that thing is stronger than the short term distraction.

That’s why we create vision boards. We first map out our intention (our what we want and why we want it), then find images literally, that represent in our own mind what we want to have or be or feel. Put them together in one place and connect (ie look at them) over and over so that it influences your brain . 

This is how you change the autopilot settings.

It won’t happen overnight but it will happen and it will absolutely be worth it!!

This is what we’re working on in our 90 #freshstart2020 program. If you want to make changes and join us, talk to me Goose!!



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