Online Business I Can Work from Anywhere? I’m in!!

Online Business is the way the whole world is headed

It's easy for any of us to see that it's taking over. We are starting to buy everything online and it is only becoming more popular every year. It's convenience in a super fast paced world for consumers.

Another thing that makes online business so popular is how we work. More and more of our generation are no longer willing to bust their butts 60 hours a week in a cubicle to build something for someone else. 

Why would we? A lot of us know we have a choice. 

We want flexibility, not only with our time but also with where we need to physically be in order to work

We are a work hard play hard generation, but we also want it to be for something more than a short term paycheque. We want the results of our hard work to benefit us both now and down the road. We want to build something for ourselves.

Not many of us want to go to the office just to punch the clock and sit there waiting for 5pm, we want to be efficient and super productive when we work, and then go spend more time doing something else.

I think this is accelerated by the lack of trust and employer loyalty, with the evaporation of pensions and job security that our parents' generation is facing.

There is a big shift happening here as a result. We want more control of the way we live and work, and we want passive income in the long run that isn't tied to the stock market. 

This in large part is leading us to the rise of social marketing among other online businesses.

Anywhere you have wifi and a smartphone, business is now possible

Once you get educated on what the SM model actually is, it’s hard to deny it's just smart business which is why more and more professionals and entrepreneurial individuals are moving over to it. 

Here’s my quick version in case you aren’t familiar: you partner up with a company who takes care of all products, research & development, regulations, logistics, incentives, training events etc, you control your own hours and effort, you don’t have employees or the headaches that can come along with them in traditional business models AND you don't have any of the huge financial risk of a traditional business. 

Most of us want freedom and flexibility without any major financial risk, and we want to be a part of something so we aren't alone. This fits that bill. The fact that it can all be done online now, makes it even more attractive.

It is your job to be the VP of sales and marketing for your own business. It's also your job to be part of the movement and the online community that you create, where people lift each other up.

Social marketing is not the pyramid scheme that it was once made out to be

Someone always goes first in business, and in this model it’s how can you find other like-minded people to share resources, skills, tools and support to work together. 

A rising tide lifts all boats is the best way to look at it. 

In some reputable companies there is no riding coat tails either. You can intro someone and if they work harder they will pass you in income. 

It is fair business which is important to a lot of us who want to know that our efforts = our results.

So how do we do it? 

First, find the right partners

Before you can do anything, you need to find the right company/products to represent AND you need to find the right business partners to work with. 

If you are interested in health, look into a few health and wellness companies. If you’re into investments/cooking/software etc, look into that. Find whatever makes sense as an authentic extension of you. 

If you're interested in the model, I would also encourage you to look at different companies. Compare their compensation and structure for how you move up. Is it based on straight sales volume or on a certain number of recruits you have to have? This will usually tell you whether the company is interested in long term recurring product sales, or short term quick flash sales. One benefits you in the long run.You get to decide what you want. 

This is a business decision so do your homework

If you've been curious about starting an online business, or enhancing your existing personal brand, this might be something to seriously consider. Work smart ;)

If you want some help, reach out. Let's see if we're a fit to run our empires together.




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