Why I Choose to Work (a Different Way)

There is always so much struggle about whether we go ‘back to work’ after having our kids.

It’s like the great divide. Go back or stay home. Those are the options.

No one considers that you can change it up completely.

When it’s a decision of either this or that, you completely lose sight of the fact that there are other ways to work and live. Part time work doesn't pay. Lots of successful corporate salespeople know that you can’t do a sales job properly part time, so you can’t earn what you’re worth, and that happens in almost all professions. When you're working hourly, you're losing ground. That's just the way the world works now. So…..that wasn’t going to work for me.

I wanted a better option. I wanted to build my empire, while having totally flexibility with my family and my life. So I created the ability to do that.

I want to give other women hope. I want to educate and inspire you to become bigger versions of who you thought you could be. Stop playing small, please. Stop listening to all the other people around you who don’t think outside the box. There is a whole other world out there available to you at any time if you have the courage to step up and see it.

I am not looking to convince you of what you need. You already know what you need. I am looking to work with those who are looking for me too, because you see a piece of my story in your own. You want more, you want to do it different, you want to be part of a movement and a team and a culture of women who lift each other up in business and still kick ass together. You want it all. You define what ‘it all’ means.

I want to work with and do life with high achievers. If that's you, you are my tribe. 

We fuel each other. I don’t want to have to explain to someone that there’s going to be work involved. If you have the desire for more, to design your own future, or to build an empire you know there will be work.

You also know that will be the best part. We both know that by learning, growing, expanding, sharing, creating and working our butts off, that’s where the magic happens. Anyone who wants life and success handed to them will not get it, at least not in the way we envision it for ourselves.

If you want to work, and you want to be a part of something that will make a difference in many many people’s lives outside your own, we can run together.

We have the responsibility to be bigger, better versions of ourselves. 

We do not compare ourselves to others. We see others as contrast so we can identify who we are and who we want to be. We figure it out as we go. We know it can be done and we are determined to do it. Together.

We all want freedom. We just need to identify what freedom means for us. Most of us want to work for ourselves, but we don’t want to do it all by ourselves. We want lifestyle freedom. Freedom to be whoever and do whatever we want, whatever is important to us.

I want to raise my babies, go on girls trips that involve tons of fun, life and business, spend quality time with my husband, have no worries about money, but grow always. What about you?

If you're like me, we want to grow and be someone better than the person we are today and that desire for more never stops. 

Each year we get to become better when we choose to. We become better friends, moms, wives, examples to our kids and leaders. We become leaders. That’s why we work. We can choose to work in a different way, but we choose to work because as we become leaders, we know it’s worth it.

Life's too short not to go for it. What do you want?



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