The Struggle is Real ~ Work or Stay Home? What if I Want Both?!

Before my kids were born, I was someone who blindly assumed I would never give up my high paid career, but there was a little voice that I wouldn't listen to which told me I might not know what I was talking about. It reminded me that I couldn't be the kind of mom I wanted to be if I was working all the time. 

I guess there was a part of me deep down who wanted to stay home and be with my babies, BUT since I married for love not money (won't make that mistake again haha, just kidding Reece) I still needed to bring in my professional income so that we could live the way we wanted to. Not to mention I'm also a very driven person so I really wanted to stay ‘in the game’ in business. 

Being a professional and having my whole identity wrapped up in that ‘success’ but never really loving what I did almost made it harder. Some women want to go back after having kids because they love what they do, which is awesome! That was not me. I wanted to go back because I craved the intellectual stimulation in business but I knew that what I did in my career didn't make me a happy person inside and therefore not a happy person when I got home. That's not what I wanted for my kids.

This left me with one of the toughest choices I have faced. Go back to work, or stay at home with the kids? No matter what I wanted to choose I felt like someone was judging me for it, or maybe I was judging myself. I felt so guilty either way. There is just so much noise out there in both camps its hard to know where you stand yourself. I had always assumed women with careers should go back, but I didn't know how much my heart would change my priorities once it was me.

How could I work so hard to be where I was in my career and then just 'throw it all away'? 

How could I have these little innocent humans looking at me as their everything and then drop them off for the day with someone else when I wanted to be there?

Here's what it came down to. I wanted to :

  1. Replace my corporate income
  2. Be with my kids MOST of the time (not all the time, just keeping it honest here haha)
  3. Have my own business venture which fired me up and challenged me
  4. Represent a product that I could be proud of
  5. Be in a business that would encourage me to be a happy, healthy person!

So... I had to figure out a solution. I had to figure out 'the how'. 

I looked at so many different career and business options and weighed them all out and eventually landed on network marketing, which I never ever in a million years thought I would do. I didn't understand the professional potential, or that you could run it in what I would consider a 'real business' fashion. I was uneducated about the industry. Some of those ladies are out there killing it in this industry by being authentic, honest and ultimately by helping people around them, and I fully plan to be one of them!

I encourage you, if you're struggling like I was, to take a look. Look at different companies and products and get more information so you can make a business decision for yourself. It could be a game changer for your family, honestly. I'll tell you what though, if you're looking for easy money, this is not your play. If you're looking to build a legit business and real income then it's a fit for any business minded, driven person.

If you want somewhere to start to learn more about building an online network marketing business, you're welcome to join me from your computer or smart phone Sept. 22nd at 11am MDT for a free webinar on: 

"How You Can Build an Online Lifestyle Business"

You can decide if it might be a fit for you. I'm sharing some basics about what I've learned and you're welcome to ask any questions you may have in our Q&A. 

If you aren't able to join us live, no worries (the replay will be available). Submit your info here!

I'd like that info please

Here's to a happy, healthy, beautiful you!


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