Are You in the Top 4% in Your Industry or Do You Plan to Be? 

What do Lawyers, Realtors, Corporate Executives & Network Marketers have in common?

4% go to the top!

Look at stats if you’re into that kind of thing. Roughly 4% of people make it to the top. 4%!!! 

It doesn’t matter which industry you’re in, if you are driven to succeed and are determined to continue at it until x… will make it. Are you that kind of person? 

Yesterday I was talking to an old business colleague of mine who said “I think these network marketing businesses are tough to really make a go of, but those that do, do well.” I replied that I totally agree and that I’d also say that about business in general. He laughed and said “touche”. 

He and I are in the 4%. We will make it no matter what even though we are in totally different industries. I believe this because we’re driven, we have relentless determination to succeed, we are good people, and we know how to focus. 

Network marketing is not rocket science, it’s just business!

If you were a heavy duty mechanic, you’d let your friends and family know you opened your own shop but wouldn't be constantly hounding them to bring their cars in to get looked at right? 

What about if you started your own insurance brokerage? You’d let all of your friends and family know what you were doing but wouldn't prospect the crap out of them to bring all of their business over to you in the first 3-6 months you started right? 

People are leery of start-ups because they don’t like uncertainty

Eventually they’d probably come to you and give you an opportunity for their business once they need a product or service you offer, but often they won’t jump up and say yes right away in case you aren’t around in a year. So if it doesn’t work in ‘regular’ businesses, it also won’t work in network marketing. Lots of people try to do it that way and then burnout and quit because it's not easy. I will fully say that it's a super simple business but it's not easy. Any 4%'ers out there know that about all worthwhile ventures.

If you actually want financial and time freedom which I believe is what most of us are after, then you need to run any show as a real business

You need a plan that includes a solid product, a real marketing plan, a strategy, and a framework for people to work with you…. just like every other business out there. It’s a long term play. I personally build most of my presence online. It takes a lot longer to do it that way but it's challenging, rewarding, and constantly changing which is a huge plus for someone like me. I believe it builds a smart sustainable business long term and one that I can work at from anywhere I am.

If you do network marketing properly, you can build something that will pay you more than you could ever make in most ‘self-employed’ positions AND have way more time on your hands, there is no doubt about it. It's a beautiful hybrid business which I get into in another blog post. There is tons of evidence to prove this to be true with people who have already done it and who are currently doing it. 

But you have to do it right

Doing it right means providing real value for others, helping people with solutions to problems, and truly giving a shyte about them. This is what builds a loyal customer base because you earn it, not because you pulled a fast one on a bunch of people. 

You have to do the right thing and be a good person

You learn to become a leader who people actually want to do business with (not work for you). You help others to get what they want first, and then later you’ll get what you want. It’s not rocket science it’s just simple business. 

So if you know you are a 4% personality but aren't pumped about the direction you're headed in, or haven’t found the industry that you want to run at full out yet, my question is, if I gave you a list with a few resources would you check out network marketing? If yes, I say read and learn about it first and then feel free to reach out for a virtual coffee so I can answer any questions you may have. 

Great place to start: 5 of My Favourite Network Marketing Books or Audiobooks to Check Out

Research the industry and see if the business makes sense for you. It definitely does for me 

See you at the top!


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