You have HUGE goals in your business...
let's get you the reach to match that vision! 
You're smart, driven & amazing at what you do... it's time to stop being the best kept secret on the internet!!

How Collaborative Events will help you:
**Build AUTHORITY instantly with anyone who attends

**Position you as the GO-TO EXPERT in your space by association with other speakers

**Allow you to 10X your VISIBILITY and REACH through your events and in turn by being invited to others events to speak

**Intentionally BUILD YOUR AUDIENCE full of the right-fit people. The ultimate goal is to build your email list so you can attract, nurture and convert your ideal clients, on repeat!

If patience has never been your strong suit, and you're ready to hit the ground running with WAY MORE eyes on you and your offers, then the Audience Accelerator is for you!

If you're growing and looking to scale your coaching or consulting business you know you need MORE eyes and ears on your content and offers. 

But you are a super busy entrepreneur and don't have 100's of hours to be on a social platform, posting in other groups, sending cold DMs, or trying to figure out paid ads.

You want the most bang for your buck when it comes to your time, right?!

So what's the fastest way to find those 'right fit' people?

Simple solution: host an event and collaborate with other powerhouse entrepreneurs.

You know it takes more than sitting on the couch thinking about your business to 'manifest' a group full of your level 10 ideal clients.

You're more than ready to take your destiny (and audience growth) into your own hands.

It's time to Accelerate Your Audience!

This is the key that unlocks the Next Level in your business.

If you're here reading this I know you're more than ready for that!

I'm going to teach you the skill set you need to strategically grow your audience, 10x your visibility and build trust and authority with people as soon as they hit your email list.

That way you'll never run out of potential ideal clients for your next offer, even if you decided to change direction and pivot in your business down the road.

In the Audience Accelerator you'll learn exactly how to harness the power of collaborative events to grow a targeted audience quickly.

By partnering up with other entrepreneurs in a similar space, you're able to cross pollinate audiences

This makes it a lot easier to find the right people for your offers, style and vibe (and the ready right now buyers too!)

You create a win-win-win situation for: 

1) the audience who gets to attend an incredibly valuable event

2) your speakers who agree to promo the event in exchange for speaking and getting exposure

3) and yourself because you build your email list and social following with those who register for the specific event topic of your choice!!

This is how we work smarter, not harder, to build our audiences, so we still have time for LIFE!!!

You don't have to spend hours cold DM-ing.

You don't have to spend hundreds or even thousands on paid ads.

You don't have to keep posting your freebies or lead magnets in other facebook groups.

This strategy is a game changer because it's a sure thing!

All of my clients who have run collaborative events the way I'll be teaching you have added at least 50 new people to their audience each time they've hosted. 

That's the minimum.

I've seen others who I've worked with who have added thousands in one event.

I'll show you the difference between those two results when it comes to attracting the right speakers to your event.

What would that do for your business right now?

How different would you feel if you had 100 or 1000 brand new leads to start nurturing and building relationships with right now?

Would it help you fill your next launch?

Would it create momentum with your existing audience when they can feel the new energy shift happening?

Would it absolutely light the fire inside of you because you can see the sheer number of people who you can get in front of to help with the problem you can solve?

The sky's the limit once you get rolling in the collaborative event space.

Are you up for that?? 

Ok, let's go! Let's get you hosting 2 collaborative events in 90 Days!

I'll give you everything you need to host your own events successfully, broken down step by step for you.

MOST importantly through this strategy, you'll build your email list, but you'll also watch the ripple effect start when your speakers start asking you to be on their podcasts, present in their fb groups, and become a speaker at their events too! 

That's how you 10X your visibility and create the REACH to match your HUGE vision!!

Hosting your own events is the catalyst that gets the next level rolling.

If you're ready to explode your business, let's Accelerate Your Audience starting NOW!!!

You IN???

#boom LET'S GOOOO!!!

Can't wait to see you inside.



If you have any questions, reach out to me on insta or fb DMs :) Happy to chat about your goals and if this strategy is right for your business right now.

I'm cheering for you all the way!

Collaborative events are the fastest way to build a targeted audience!
Investment ~ $2497 or 3 payments of $897 
The Accelerator includes:
Still have questions? Ask away!
2 Events in 90 Days!!
You up for the challenge?? 
Let's GO!!!